About Us

Stuff you need to know

We welcome you to back to Wimpies, and thank you for dining with us. We are an independently owned restaurant, and we encourage you to look for and patronize other local “mom and pop” business’s as well. We take great pride in the quality of our food and are pleased you have joined us to share our food and good humor. So, enjoy, play “nicely”, and bring someone with you when you return. Thanks, Scott and Kim

Our guarantee

If you’re not served in 15 minutes, then you will be served within 25 minutes. Don’t get your shorts in a knot. Relax. Bond with your guests or strangers. If you can’t shake your anxiety, we will gladly give you directions to the nearest Fast Food Establishment.

Fresh food notice

Our food is prepared fresh, not sitting under a heat lamp waiting for your order. Some food may reach your table before other items. Look around. If we are very busy, your order will take a little longer. This ain’t fast food, it’s good food.


If we are very busy, and you have finished eating, we may ask you to play musical chairs with someone waiting for the oyster bar.  We also may ask you to clear your tab at your present location and start a new one with a new server. Please don’t be offended. Someday when you are the one waiting, you will be very happy.


Please tip your wait staff & shuckers.  15% is expected, 18% is great 20% is easier to figure in your head.   It helps them to pay for school & books or go fishing.  If for any reason you choose to be cheap and think tipping is a scam, then buy yourself a tv dinner, stay home and watch wrestling.

A little history lesson

In 1991, Winterville, NC became the home of Wimpies Grill. Owner, Scott Joyner recognized the need for a quality sandwich restaurant to accommodate the rapid residential growth of the area. In 1995, as a result to the success of the grill, an additional 800 sq. ft. was acquired to handle the growth. Scott’s wife, Kim inspired him to use the additional space to open an Oyster Bar in the evening hours. The people of Pitt and surrounding counties took the oyster bar by storm. Wimpies rapidly out grew its location.

By 1999, it was again time to expand. Moving to the historic Ange building offered a beautiful restored location for dining, as well as room for an expanded menu — Wimpies Steam Bar and Cajun Café was born. This name survived for about six years, and the decision was made to return the name to Wimpies Steam Bar and Grill.

About that time we  (Scott and Kim) restored the upstairs and made it their home. In 2008, while trying to recover from the investments of restoring the building (downstairs and up), the economy tanked. This was followed by a bad year in 2009 and topped off with the Gulf disaster in 2010, greatly affecting our oyster supply. Enduring all this, along with a little burn out and reduced passion, we were offered an opportunity we couldn’t say no to. The decision was made to close Wimpies’ doors. It wasn’t an easy decision. Two weekends of closing celebrations with the community showed us how much Wimpies meant to so many.  Over the 19 years, Wimpies became a landmark in Winterville… and it held a large place in our hearts.

We (particularly Scott) took a much needed “rest and recovery period.” During a three year sabbatical, we would ponder the future of the downstairs and what we would have done differently. Wimpies invested more than just $$$ in the community. The relationships with the Wimpies’ family ran deep.  We decided to return in 2013 because of you —our customers & Wimpies’ family. Your feedback lit a spark and renewed the passion and desire to bring you what you’d been missing for the past three years.

“We’ve learned from our mistakes, making physical, seasonal, & menu changes. We’ve brought back your favorites menu item’s, and happy, fun-loving atmosphere you came to enjoy! We hope this “reunion” lasts for many years to come. Feeling the Love!” — Scott and Kim Joyner